Saddle Consignment Policy

Opequon View Ranch Boutique
Saddle Consignment Policy


Please read through in its entirety as it will cover our policies regarding consignment, payment, and the care your saddle will receive while it is with us at Opequon View Ranch Boutique.



Please contact us via email at Send photos and any information you may have. We will contact you to schedule an in-store intake appointment. If we feel that your saddle is a model we would be able to sell on consignment you will be required to fill out a consignment contract detailing the consignment process.

  • All saddles must be clean, well conditioned, and in good condition or better.
  • Saddles must not have any rips or tears in the leather or any loose structural stitching.
  • Billets must be safe and not overly worn.
  • Trees must be sound and balanced.
  • The entire gullet channels should be a minimum of 2″ wide.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any saddle that fails to uphold this specific criteria.



  • We take a 25% commission (saddles listed for over $500) off the selling price of your saddle and send you a check for the remainder. 
  • We take a 30% commission (saddles listed for $500 and under) off the selling price of your saddle and send you a check for the remainder. 
  • We take a 15% commission if you choose to take payment for your saddle on an OVR Boutique gift card. This is a great option if you are looking to buy a different saddle or need some apparel!
  • Once your saddle sells, your check will be mailed out at the end of the month following the month in which your saddle sells. For example, if your saddle sells in January, your check will be mailed at the end of February. 
  • If you choose the 15% on a gift card option, the card will be sent out within two weeks of your saddle sale.



  • We will perform a complete safety and integrity check of your saddle, to be certain that there are no safety issues, defects, twists or breaks in the tree, billets, etc. 
  • In the event that your saddle has a problem, it will be returned to you at your expense.
  • The cleaner your saddle is, the faster we can sell it. We highly recommend that you pay for a professional detailing of your saddle. Detailing your saddle includes a full cleaning, deep conditioning and a redying of the leather back to its original color (if needed). If you would like us to do a complete detailing of your saddle for you, please send a check made out to Opequon View Ranch Boutique for $50. You can also call us with your credit card number to pay for the detailing once the saddle has arrived at our store. If your saddle is very dirty or the leather is stiff and dry, Opequon View Ranch Boutique reserves the right to refuse your saddle for consignment until detailed.



You may have an idea of how much you want to get for your saddle, and we would like to know! Some people prefer to take less, and have a saddle sell quickly, while others prefer a possible longer wait, to try to get as much as possible. We always price according to market value but of course want you to be happy with the pricing, as well! If there is a specific amount of money you want to receive from the sale of your saddle, please list it in the email.

  • We will evaluate the style, model, condition, and current approximate market value of your saddle.
  • We will contact you with a recommended price based on market value, and your minimum selling price before fee.
  • The minimum selling price before fee may or may not be able to be met based on the condition of the saddle and current market value.
  • If we agree with your minimum selling price before fee, there will be no need to contact you and we will just put your saddle out for sale.



  • We feel strongly that we know the price your saddle should sell at and want to get you the best possible price for your saddle. We do not encourage customers to present offers on saddles but do allow them to make offers close to the original price on saddles they are definitely ready to purchase. Please inform us if you would like to accept offers within 10%, 5% or if you would like to remain firm with your pricing.
  • By agreeing to the 10% or 5% offers, you are authorizing Opequon View Ranch Boutique to automatically accept an offer for your saddle without contacting you. Also, if you choose this option, we will be able to feature your saddle in specials and sales to increase the likelihood of a quicker sale. If you decide to be firm with your pricing, we will not accept any offers on your saddle, nor will we call you with any offers.



  • A $50 processing fee will be incurred on any saddle removed from consignment within 90 days of intake.
  • There is a six (6) month limit on saddles left on consignment. Should your saddle fail to sell within six months, you will be contacted to pick up your saddle. Should we be unable to reach you, Olson’s Tack Shop reserves the right to donate the saddle to a local charitable organization.
  • Each saddle receives a website listing containing several professional quality images.
Seller agrees that Opequon View Ranch Boutique will not be responsible for the loss of or damage to the items while on consignment with OVR Boutique other than for loss resulting from negligence of Opequon View Ranch Boutique or its employ